Friday, February 1, 2008

Movin' on UP!!!!

So . . . We moved Mario, Wendy and Ethan today - man they have a lot of stuff :) No, no, I'm just kidding. I do have to say, though, moving in the winter - not the best - slushy, cold, wet and generally not fun - - - - BUT, doing anything with my family makes me happy and we have fun. I'm grateful for laughter. I know that sounds cheesy but it's true. Throughout my childhood there has always been laughter and genuine love and care for one another and I'm grateful for that. I can honestly say that my family really are my best friends and I know that things change and time moves on but I know that we will always be close and together. I look up to my older brother - He is amazing. He is happy and he is fun even when things are hard and I have to say that his great example as a servent of the Lord is one of the reasons I decided to serve a mission. How do you tell someone what that means? I guess all that I can say is that I love him and for that very reason I know that God lives and loves us - He is there!! Just like you have always been there for me Gabby. And then there is Mario - haha - what can I say? There are no words but just to know that I feel better after I have talked and laughed with him is enough. I am grateful for the fights we had when we were little because I think that made us closer in a way and I will always be grateful he showed me his favorite "chair" - Thanks Mars!!! Last and definetly not least, is Marcos. I think that a cloud of darkness would follow me around forever if there was no Marcos - he is happiness and music and love and joy and someone I cherish. It also still makes me happy if I can make him laugh:). Now, I know that this post went into a funny direction seeing as I started talking about the wonders of moving in the snow and it ended up an ode to my brothers - oh well - I think they are the only ones that read this anyway - haha - thanks guys - you ROCK! I guess that the moral of this random story is - don't move in winter - it's too cold. . . .


Uno said...


You are the greatest...I love you and you are right...We will walk the eternites together...If you don't believe me, check out Mom's P.B. I love you and thanks for the awesome post...And by the way...Like there are thousands of people that read this blog...It is all the rage!





Marcela feels bad that you did not say anything about her helping us move Mario....Thought you would like to know because she is sitting here and does not want me to post this but of course I WILL!

M. Douglas said...

Thanks, Mia, for being tougher than Gabe. He's an old man now.

I loved your message, love you as well.


abby's photo shoppe said...

Ummmm, I totally read your blog, like every day!
One day we will be reunited and can chat at hang out. Miss you guys.
PS-you still runnin'?