Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An open letter . . .

Dear overly tanned 40 year old man from the Roy pool,

Do you really have to splash so much? Seriously. I know that you are strong and fast and believe me, all of the rest of us swimmers know that you have lapped us in our meager attempts at the benefits of a cardiovascular workout, but do you have to overdo it? Just to let you know, you are not Michael Phelps and this isn’t the Olympics so please tone it down a little. I was doing the backstroke in my own lane just minding my own business when I was drowned by this overwhelming splash and wave that took me to the depths of the five feet section. I lived, but just barely. Even the little old ladies doing their arm raises and kicks SEVEN lanes over felt the fury that was your splash and it messed up their perfectly done hair that never ever gets wet - - - Do you know how big a splash must be to do that? You probably don’t but let me tell ya, it’s a BIG one and they are all coming from YOU! And so that we can end as friends, one last piece of advice . . . never chose a lane next to me again and be careful, all that tanning could lead to skin cancer.

Sincerely yours,

The drowned rat in the lane next to you

Saturday, July 24, 2010

This was my 24th . . .

Hope yours was just as great!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Did I tell you . . .

I love rain. Wish it were raining now.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Camera needs new photographer . . .

Silly me, I thought that when my great new camera came I would suddenly become a great photographer. Guess it doesn't happen like that:( I am, however, excited to try and get some practice in before I head to Italy. That trip deserves a better photographer.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Artistic Impediment Theory . . .

Good, huh? I got art skills like you wouldn't believe. I drew this picture today in my Don Quijote film class. For me to draw anything, you know painful death by boredom was imminent. Without this little art project, blogging and the rest of my life would have been over. How much I despise that class, I guess, is besides my current point; currently I was thinking about what happens to most normal adults after about 3rd or 4th grade. Now, I don't mean that we begin to have crushes on each other, or that we begin to have a love for anything that has to do with Walker Texas Ranger or even that I should call people adults after 3rd or 4th grade -confused yet? I am. Does anyone remember where I was going with this? . . . Ah, yes - I was talking about art skills and how they seem to become frozen at exactly 3rd or 4th grade. The above photo is all the evidence needed. This is a picture of Ethan(far left), Mason(middle) and Samuel (far right), out in our beautiful world, next to a tree, enjoying the sun.
Evidence A(to back up my hypothesis): the sun. I can almost hear Mrs. Jones telling us the way to draw a sun was to do a half circle at the top left hand corner of a paper and draw the rays coming out from the circle - small line, longer line, small line, longer line, etc.
Evidence B: That tree rocks! It's a "V Tree." All ya gotta do to draw this bad boy is made a trunk and then go V crazy! You can even make your v's circle around and in the blank space it almost looks like you got cool hearts everywhere - so great! As you can tell, however, I must have been absent when they taught how to draw leaves - all my life my trees have been stuck in a perpetual winter - the sun never makes it out.
Evidence#3: Last and definitely not least, is people drawing. Now if those aren't the best three drawings of little boys you have ever seen, bring it on - let's have a contest and I can rival anyone who's artist talent is also stuck back in the 4th grade! "Circle for head, then the neck, round the shoulders, bring out the arms with fingers, then straight body, box those legs, add the feet" and . . . Voila - person perfection!

Now there you have it - my Artistic Impediment Theory! I am a twenty-something who still draws like a 3rd grader on the first day of school and I bet that there are many in my same boat. If you got any better name suggestions, let me know . . .

Friday, July 2, 2010

"Are you Jim? . . ."

Hinds Quick Stop is Peterson's local stomping grounds. It's the center of town, the place to which all residents go - some more than a few times a day. When I was a child it was one of the places that I could go alone - I loved the phrase, "I'm going to Hinds". The have a glass candy cabinet with plenty of treats for a kid to dream. One of the owner's in Sandra Hinds. She is a great lady. When I was young, I have to admit, I was a little intimidated. Sandra is one of those people who don't beat around the bush, she gets to the point and tells it like it is. Over the years we have become friends and I love going in and saying hello and it seems that with every push of the door, I am a child again.
The other day I had stopped to get gas for my dad before I headed to Ogden. It was at one of Hind's busy times - the after work rush. I have to admit I had had a long and rough day (those always lead to the best kind of awkward:), I walked in and said my usual hello to Sandra, who was manning the counter. I was getting myself a great little fountain soda and was talking to her at the same time. I hadn't heard anyone come in as I was getting my drink but it seems that the man who was beside me at the pump had finished and made his way in to pay. I heard Sandra call out, "So, 43 . . blah, blah?" I thought she was in a hurry to get me out of the store by calling out my gas sale before I was even ready so I answered her as I finished up and let me tell ya, I think my hearing was gone by that time because I yelled out the loudest "YEAH!" that you have ever heard! Just as I did that I turned around to see an older gentleman writing a check and Sandra looking at me with a puzzled look on her face and askin' (in my mind she did this with a southern accent which I guess isn't entirely accurate because she is from Nevada but nevertheless go with it because it sounds better . . .) "are YOU Jim?"
"hehe, ummm, nope, just jumpin' ahead on the 'ol train track," - that was followed by a look from the man and awkward silence as more people had entered the store. It was a grand moment, there are so many of those in my life and for that I am grateful. Now, let this be a warning to you that next time you aren't sure you heard something right, just keep your mouth shut - - - - because next time it might be you that has to answer, "are YOU Jim?"