Monday, August 30, 2010

Not smart . . .

My desk candy jar at work was empty and it has been for quite some time. Usually it has crap candy - that strawberry wrapped thing, taffy, gold wrapped mystery stuff, atomic fireball, non-descript peppermint circles - you know, the usual - the not tempting usual:) Friday I decided I needed to get something and happened to be in Walmart for lunch and in a weak moment thought I should grab my favorite candy ever - Hershey's Hugs! Big Mistake. Bought the bag Friday afternoon, it's Monday morning and . . . . wait for it . . . . half the jar is now gone. Seriously bad idea - what was I thinking? Why did nobody stop me? I should have bought me a nice giant supply of will power - what aisle is that in? is it by the cleaning supplies or is it hiding in the produce? It's probably sold next to intelligence which I seem to have none of which is why I have come full circle and now I must leave - - - I still have half a jar to go . . .

Saturday, August 28, 2010

They came, they saw, they conquered . . .

Mars and Wendy and little Ethan came to see us this month and it was so great to have them here:) Here are a few pics of all the fun . . .

Reading time with Lela! Ferdinand the Bull . . .

Ethan and Lela are so into the book:)

Swinging time - too fun

Mason is excited that they are here

So - we tried fondue and everyone went a little nuts! It's like we had never see chocolate before:)

oh, and, we couldn't figure out the pot thing so Gabby had to hold it for us

oh yeah!!!!

too cool for school . . .

we're comin for ya -

Someone needs to tell mom that is NOT a relaxing pose!

Lovin' this face!

Bird feeding with Lela is where it's at!


Recreating an old favorite - I need to find the original:)

So cute!

Our picture after our long night of crazy face drawing!

So many great pictures . . .

Mine are the best!

I love this cute spiderman and I gotta say, I'm rockin those glasses

Kind of an anxious spiderman

Pancake photo action - so artistic right?

Loved our time with the Harris family:)

I love this shot - I love that my brothers are such great dads:)

Ethan is such a cutie!

We love you guys and miss you and you need to come back to U - TAH!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

being quotable . . .

Hello all. Now, I have debated for years whether the information I am about to divulge is something that the world is ready to handle; I have come to the conclusion that yes world, you. are. ready.

Now that I have you on the edge of your seat, I must prepare you that this is big, people! I'm talking huge - Eiffel tower stacked on top the Empire State Building with the new world's tallest building in Dubai holding them both up, kind of huge!!! With that in mind, here goes . . .

Through the years people have quoted each other and found power in what language can do - it makes us laugh, cry, become violently angry and sometimes if we are lucky - it motivates. That is where "quotes" come in and become the reigning force behind inspiration. For years now it seems that the best quotes always come from someone mentioned simply as author unknown - without a doubt I know that at sometime, somewhere you have been listening to a quote and waiting on pins and needles for the originator to be divulged, only to have your dreams thwarted when the speaker reveals . . . "author unknown." I am here to make your dreams a reality by saying, "world - I, Mia Chard, am the infamous author unknown!" Wow - it feels great to get that out there. Humility can now be thrown aside as I take my place on the chalkboards of history!

Take this gem for example, "Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same." - yup, that was me.

How about this one, "Wind is to fire like distance is to love; it extinguishes the small and enflames the great." - yet again, me.

Lastly, one of my more deep proclamations, "The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it."(too true, Mia Chard, too true) Some may ask, "How do you do it?", my answer to those individuals is, frankly, I don't know - inspiration is like breathing - it comes in then goes out. The flow of genius is rarely able to be identified.

Now, I think that we all should be quotable. Go around for a day or two quoting yourself and trust me when I tell you, life gets good. Here are some quotes that I have recently caught myself saying:

"Eat Dirt!" - Mia Chard (one of my best and longest running quotes)

"I do believe that the lawn is in need of a trimming." - Mia Chard (pure poetry)

"Thank you for calling State Farm, this is Mia, how may I help you?" - Mia Chard (this one's a show stopper - I get a response every time)

Last but not least, "Whoever I am, I'm better than I was before and tomorrow I can be ever greater than today." - Mia Chard

There you have it. I have disclosed a huge part of my life and boy, do I feel better! Now for my challenge: Go out and BE QUOTABLE!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

La familia Vargas . . .

It was a beautiful night in Salt Lake. I was with my parents and we had gone to see a family from my mission. One benefit to a stateside mission is the ability that I have to go back more often than my foreign counterparts and for people that I knew to make their way to Utah. Halfway through my mission I was transferred to an area of El Paso called Montana Vista. While there I met the most incredible member family that helped us more than anyone ever had or did. They understood what they had and helped us to share it with others. I was in that area 6 months with four different companions - the Vargas family were consistent and powerful and without them I would never have met Andy. He was their neighbor and friend and we taught every lesson in the Vargas home. I remember every moment distinctly and with fondness. Andy was doubtful and combative but also willing to be taught and with the help of the Vargas family and us he was able to come to know for himself that the gospel is true. He was baptized by Hermano Vargas a few months after we started teaching him.

Here we all are with Andy and a few of his friends at the baptism

And here is the Vargas family - - - - AMAZING!

I got to see Brother and Sister Vargas as well as their oldest daughter Dania. She is going to be attending BYU and they brought her up from El Paso. Tonight we were able to go eat, walk around SLC and get lost in Deseret Book. It was such a neat night and it was wonderful for my parents to meet some of the people that touched and changed my life as a missionary. Te queiro familia Vargas!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Did I mention I had learned something after 28 years? . . .

Well, if I did - - - I recant! I take it back, I was amiss, I withdraw any previous held idea of knowledge, I retract, I nullify the previous statement, I backtrack - I back down, back off and back out! Are there enough different ways to say I take it back or should I consult again? Enough - okay then, moving on.
I guess that what I have thought about this past little while is how little I truly do know and just when I think I'm on the path of getting it right, something comes along and thwarts that idea. I'm okay with that. My own ignorance is something I accept but along with that comes a deep desire to overcome. I want to learn everything! I want to see life for the teaching opportunity that it is and stop taking it for granted. If these past twenty-eight years have taught me anything, it is how hard this whole business of living really is. We, as human beings, are complex and we live in a world that adds to that complexity. I think of all the really great people I have come to know or learned about in life and it makes me want to try, to be better, to do hard things and witness what can come from that.
There are, however, certain things that I know - I know that there is a God, that he has a Son, Jesus Christ and that He loves us. I have often found myself afraid to attest to this knowledge for fear of being seen as odd or a little over zealous, that stops now. Why do we allow fear of others to overcome what we are and what we believe. My life has not been easy and I know that had it not been for this knowledge I could not have overcome some of the things that I have.
Most people set goals at the beginning of the year, for me I set goals on my birthday. This past year has been one of great failure but also of equally great success. I am grateful. If there is one thing that I wish for you, it is that you can find something to be grateful about too!

(p.s. - how funny is it that my picture looks like I have a shoulder above my ear - great right?!)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Knice Kone KMia . . . Let's celebrate a "K" day!

Why most people would like to hide from the stupid things they do - I revel in them . . .

Last night I was trying to find a scripture that has been on my mind so I was searching the index, topic guide and bible dictionary. I couldn't beleive that neither of the three had any reference to the word that I was looking for - "What has this world come to?" I thought, "Not one of these dumb guides has the word NECK in it!?!"
Well folks, it would have helped if I had actually known how to SPELL neck - I searched for 15 minutes in the "k's" until it dawned on me that there is no silent "K" at the beginning of the word - smart one, and I call myself an English major? They should strip my degree from me! Not really, though, because aren't we all allowed a few mistakes?

So that the fellas over at Weber don't get wind of my teensy, tiny mistake . . . . I officially declare today "K" day! It's the cool thing to think that everything starts with a K!

KTry Kit! KIt's Ka Kblast!

Monday, August 9, 2010

"We've only just begun . . ."

I realized something this morning – I have been alive only a little longer than Law and Order had been a hit crime drama on NBC. Its crazy how time flies, right? Especially when we measure it by that capable ruler – so from here on out instead of the phrase “many moons ago”, I will use, “many Law and Order seasons ago” to tell my tales of life and existence . . .

. . . Many Law and Order seasons ago, my mother, Susana, was heavy with child (me:)) and busy as always. She woke early on the morning of August 9th and decided that being nine months pregnant made it a perfect time to pick beans in the garden across the way – Gail Lord’s garden (side note: Gail’s garden rocks and is still as perfect today as it was those many years ago). I had taken my time in coming to this world, in other words – I was late, which has often surprised me because being late now is one of my biggest pet peeves. Anyhow, back to my tale . . . my mother was in the garden picking beans when a stork flew down (haha, jk – checking to see if you are paying attention); she was in the garden when she realized that her baby was coming. She called my dad, who called the doctor and the nurse told them to get to the hospital as soon as possible because the baby was coming fast – “Don’t wait, just come!” My mother, as you recall, had been in the garden picking beans under a hot August sun, there was no way she was going to go without a shower so, disregarding a doctor’s order and causing my life danger she took her time to shower and get ready and they made it to the hospital in time for me to be born with modern medical conveniences and not in the back of my pop’s 78 Thunderbird (now that would have been a story!).
This story has been told many a time, so many in fact that I could dictate it in my sleep and pause and annunciate certain words for affect better than my mother herself :) I think that all children should know how they came into this world and should hear from their parents, like I have, of the joy and life that their being born has brought to the life of those that love them.
I love my family and so much more - - - - stay tuned for the next birthday installment of what 28 years of living has taught me – Oh! The wisdom!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

On the eve of the almost greatest day ever known to man . . . my birth . . .

Humble much? You better believe it! There will be a myriad of posts tomorrow because August 9th (best day in the history of days) only comes around once a year! - - - - Stay tuned for the story of how this girl -

became the person I am today ( hint - it involved much Rave4, many a crimping iron and more countless hours with a soccer ball than you can imagine) . . .