Sunday, August 22, 2010

Did I mention I had learned something after 28 years? . . .

Well, if I did - - - I recant! I take it back, I was amiss, I withdraw any previous held idea of knowledge, I retract, I nullify the previous statement, I backtrack - I back down, back off and back out! Are there enough different ways to say I take it back or should I consult again? Enough - okay then, moving on.
I guess that what I have thought about this past little while is how little I truly do know and just when I think I'm on the path of getting it right, something comes along and thwarts that idea. I'm okay with that. My own ignorance is something I accept but along with that comes a deep desire to overcome. I want to learn everything! I want to see life for the teaching opportunity that it is and stop taking it for granted. If these past twenty-eight years have taught me anything, it is how hard this whole business of living really is. We, as human beings, are complex and we live in a world that adds to that complexity. I think of all the really great people I have come to know or learned about in life and it makes me want to try, to be better, to do hard things and witness what can come from that.
There are, however, certain things that I know - I know that there is a God, that he has a Son, Jesus Christ and that He loves us. I have often found myself afraid to attest to this knowledge for fear of being seen as odd or a little over zealous, that stops now. Why do we allow fear of others to overcome what we are and what we believe. My life has not been easy and I know that had it not been for this knowledge I could not have overcome some of the things that I have.
Most people set goals at the beginning of the year, for me I set goals on my birthday. This past year has been one of great failure but also of equally great success. I am grateful. If there is one thing that I wish for you, it is that you can find something to be grateful about too!

(p.s. - how funny is it that my picture looks like I have a shoulder above my ear - great right?!)

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Rosie said...

I think that you are fabulous! You are much more amazing and smart than you give yourself credit for.

Your headband was so darling-I tried to grab you but you were too fast!!

Oh-did you know Sister Buxton is on hospice? They don't expect her to make it much longer.