Monday, August 16, 2010

Knice Kone KMia . . . Let's celebrate a "K" day!

Why most people would like to hide from the stupid things they do - I revel in them . . .

Last night I was trying to find a scripture that has been on my mind so I was searching the index, topic guide and bible dictionary. I couldn't beleive that neither of the three had any reference to the word that I was looking for - "What has this world come to?" I thought, "Not one of these dumb guides has the word NECK in it!?!"
Well folks, it would have helped if I had actually known how to SPELL neck - I searched for 15 minutes in the "k's" until it dawned on me that there is no silent "K" at the beginning of the word - smart one, and I call myself an English major? They should strip my degree from me! Not really, though, because aren't we all allowed a few mistakes?

So that the fellas over at Weber don't get wind of my teensy, tiny mistake . . . . I officially declare today "K" day! It's the cool thing to think that everything starts with a K!

KTry Kit! KIt's Ka Kblast!


Uno said...


KMuch Klove


emily said...

Kawesome KKK u better watch out for the kluklutchklan...DO NOT TURN AROUND!!