Monday, January 21, 2008

A walk in the moonlight for one . . . . .

I went for a walk in the moonlight tonight. It was one of those perfect nights. There was a full moon and as the light from the moon danced off of the newly fallen snow there was silence. The kind of silence that seems to envelope all of your senses but brings with it no fear – only peace and calm, as one takes in the elements around them. I love the crisp sound of the snow against one’s feet and the vapor from the breaths that one takes as if one’s body is trying to tell them that they are crazy, that it is too cold. As I walked I thought. I thought about moments in my life that brought me to where I was and also the moments that are to come, those moments that are like when a word is on the tip of your tongue but you just can’t think of what it is or those things that are only an arms length away but somehow still just out of your reach; but, the word eventually comes and somehow the steps that you keep on taking bring you closer and closer to what is out of reach until you are able to grasp it and it becomes part of you – and that is what happens to the moments that are to come. Those moments are what we call the future and before we realize it our future has already become our past and we are reaching out to something else. As I walked tonight I also felt alone. I realized that I have been reaching out to something for sooo long but that something never seems to arrive. I guess it’s to love and to be loved, the moment where that walk in the moonlight for one becomes that walk in the moonlight for two.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

So here's to college!

So . . . since my 2 lovely brothers ( I'm not sure guys like to be called "lovely" but oh well:) ) have gone on and on about the lack of blog postings - - - -I'm back!! This past little bit has been kind of crazy as I've been trying to get back into school and that's been an interesting challenge. I'm saddened by the unlucky fact that I still have my same brain for math and it's not a good one:) - I'm taking the remedial class and it meets everyday - so not my favorite. Oh well, though - it has been fun to get back into things - - - I will write more later when my life gets more interesting - haha - sorry, I'll write sooner than that because if I wait for that to be the key then I'll be waiting for a long time!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

All for the sake of The Office . . . .

So . . . funny experience happened to me last night. It was about 9 pm and I got to thinking that I wanted to laugh and what better way then to watch The Office. I searched our house up and down for the season that we have, but to no avail . . . I gave Mario a call and decided to run over to his house and pick up the season 2 that they have. Little did I know that it would be 1 hour later before I was going to be able to laugh and enjoy The Office.
I have forgotten how cold the winters get in good 'ol Utah - the Arizona sun has made me a cold baby. Mom decided to run over with me and as we drive down the lane I realize that the car was having a little trouble and so I decide to pull over into Hinds Quick Stop, seeing as I just remembered that Mario had told me the previous night that I needed to get rid of the ice around my tires. We proceed to get out and try to kick the ice chunks off of the back of the tire and nothing was working until mom has the great idea to get Dad's cane out and start whacking away! That worked on 3 of the highly covered tires with chunks as big as 2 feet wide falling to the ground, but the 4th wasn't budging. Needless to say after 25 minutes of using a cane, a car scrapper, an umbrella and a rock, with nothing working, the frustration was mounting . . After all, all that I wanted was to kick back and relax with a few laughs but it seemed like my Office dreams were getting farther and farther away. We decide to head home and see if a hammer will work. We get back to the house and I get a fire poker, a screwdriver and a mallet - This ought to do it! My dearest mother was in charge of the flashlight as I poked and screwdrived and malleted that ice chunk that was way too stubborn . . . It was actually quite comical as you think of the 2 of us, my mother and I, in the dead of low teens temperatures, pitch black at 10 pm, trying to hack our way into the ice picking hall of fame with NO SUCCESS! Finally after 10 more grueling minutes the ice chunk figured out who was boss, fell to the ground and gave up the ghost. Which now left me free to finally make my journey in search of The Office!! Thank you dear Ice Chunk for letting me finally enjoy the humor I so desperately desired - you have my eternal gratitude.
. . . . Now I guess the moral of this story was . . . never mess with me if I'm determined or your fate will be as the ice chunks!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year! . . . .

Well, I am grateful that we finally made it to the year 2008!! I am excited for what the future holds. Life has been good to me this last year. I have learned so much and changed in many ways. I've been thinking about change a lot lately, seeing as I find myself in a very new position. What is it that helps us move beyond the fear of the unknown and accept the changes that take place in our lives? It often seems that as soon as you get comfortable with something you are thrown into a new realm - I think that's how I feel about the mission and my life now. I was finally getting comfortable accepting and growing in my identity of a missionary and here I find myself now at home. To say that I'm not nervous or scared for the path my life should take now would be a lie but I can say that I think the way that we can best deal with change has to do with trust. Trust God, trust that he knows us and loves us and with him we can confront any change that comes and who knows, maybe the thing we feared most is what will help us the best. I love my life and I love that we now have another year to experience happiness, sadness, challenges and triumphs! May this next year fill you with peace and may you take that step into the dark with trust and faith in God!!