Sunday, January 13, 2008

So here's to college!

So . . . since my 2 lovely brothers ( I'm not sure guys like to be called "lovely" but oh well:) ) have gone on and on about the lack of blog postings - - - -I'm back!! This past little bit has been kind of crazy as I've been trying to get back into school and that's been an interesting challenge. I'm saddened by the unlucky fact that I still have my same brain for math and it's not a good one:) - I'm taking the remedial class and it meets everyday - so not my favorite. Oh well, though - it has been fun to get back into things - - - I will write more later when my life gets more interesting - haha - sorry, I'll write sooner than that because if I wait for that to be the key then I'll be waiting for a long time!!

1 comment:

Uno said...

I am right there with you kid! But know this...It will all be worth it in the end!

You are Mighty!


You need to work on your blog instead of your FACEBOOK!

I see where your alliegence lies!

Uno...Your sad brother...