Thursday, April 29, 2010

Midnight Ramblings . . . good enough for the 100th post

It's midnight and I'm tired. I can't sleep. For weeks now it takes me hours to go to sleep, insomnia has become my companion. There is too much thinking that decides to take place at precisely the hour of sleep. Tonight it was - I'm moving and sad, I'm moving and anxious, Italy, graduation, confusion of what to do now that I've graduated, longing, wishing I was better, deciding to be better, feeling as if I've let God down, feeling as if I've let myself down, feeling tired, feeling grateful to a teacher that helped me through this last semester, deciding I need to do something for her, hoping my family is okay - everyone in the extended realm included, wishing for understanding, needing to do more for others, thinking of all the people who have done so much for me, wondering about Vonda and Norma and what they might be doing, wondering if people really talk and feel like Alice Munro describes in the short story collection I'm reading, thinking it's almost summer and I haven't started on my parents' histories like I promised in their Christmas present, loving my family especially the three little boys with the one on the way - - - it goes on and on.
Bringing up Christmas reminds me of something. Christmas was always special around our house, most people feel that way about their childhood Christmases. On Christmas Eve, one of the last things that we children did before going to bed was to draw straws. My parents didn't want us all going down to the tree at the same time, but wanted everyone to have a turn individually. That lead to the drawing of the straws - we all wanted to get the smallest because that meant that we had the coveted spot of going down first and getting 5 minutes alone with all the presents Santa left for us and for our siblings. The smallest went first, right on up to the longest and we went down in five minute increments. I loved the rush that I felt as dad turned away from us at the kitchen table and cut the straws - sometimes they were matches or whatever he could find. Then he would turn around and we would pick - sometimes oldest to youngest or youngest to oldest and sometimes I would yell that I should go first because I was the only girl (haha - I used that a lot). Whatever happened was set in stone. I think about this story because it reminds me of life right now. I feel like I got the last and longest straw and I keep yelling down the stairs wondering if its my time yet but getting no response. I don't mean this in regards to being the last married or even to being the one that will now be at home, the meaning comes for me, in a place beyond description. Words falter. Feeling are what remains.
If none of this made any sense, just disregard it. After all, it is past midnight:) Happy 100th post to me!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

A little . . . Pomp and Circumstance

So . . . today was the day, Graduation. I have to say that it was exciting, exhilarating, funny, wonderful, sad, scary and more than anything, I realized, how cool and fun a little pomp and circumstance could be:) Walking into the auditorium, all I could think was I want to do this again! I need to do this again! I realized that all the hard work payed off in more ways than I could ever count. Here are some photos so you can follow my day . . .

The night before graduation my parent's took me out to Taggart's - it was fun

Here I am around 6:30am - tired but excited for the day ahead

Gabby and I, waiting to walk into the Dee Center - my friend Brianna insisted that we do a silly face - I think we both need work on that

Here are two dignified and sophisticated students of the College of Arts and Humanities - me and Brianna

Here I am with my friend Eden - we suffered through this last semester together:)

Looking surprised and angry before we walk in . . .

Look close and you can see Elder's Uchdorf and Eyring standing in front of President Monson - it was an amazing and inspiring address:)

Here is is after receiving his doctorate and addressing the graduates

The first one we saw after coming out was dad - how fitting, don't you think

Isn't the concrete a beautiful backdrop! It had to do because it rained most of the day

I think at the last minute Danielle shouted out, "Everyone act like your riding a surfboard - Hang loose!" sadly, we were so excited that we did it.

The parents and the happy grads!

The brunch was fun, although it was the first time I had pasta at 10 in the morning:) Danielle and Marcos slept through 3 alarms but due to my wake up call, they scrambled and made it in time to help us celebrate - thanks for coming guys:)

My friend Jessie and I - congrats Jessie!

Now . . . there was the first batch of photos. There is more fun to come, especially the bit about "Keep Wearing Purple" - for a hint, I give you . . .


Sunday, April 18, 2010

I LOVE my Mom . . .


Yes . . . . my mother IS Pocahontas. I have known this all my life, as have my siblings, but this week it just became a little clearer. Our neighbor, Chuck, has(I guess I should say had) 4 big pine trees that line his front yard just as we do. I happened to be driving my mother home when we past the now open space that used to house the trees. She immedietly let out a gasp, "What is he doing!?! Oh, how awful!" I brought reality back when I told her they were only trees, that it was no big deal. Now, those that know my mother know that my statement was meet with disbelief. We went into the house and got busy doing things. After a little while she stopped and, with all emotion, said, "Oh. I can just feel the pain that our trees have for his trees, their friends."
To which I replied, "Mom, come on, are you kidding me, they are just trees - they don't feel!"

"They do feel Mia! How can you not see their pain - those trees watched you grow up!!"

"They did not watch me grow up - they have no eyes!"

"Mia! Have you not seen Lord of the Ring?!"

to which I lovingly replied, "No, I have not seen Lord of the Ring but I have seen Lord of the RingS." Haha - I crack myself up and I love that accently prone mother, even if for days after, everytime I see her, I break into singing, "Has Chuck ever seen a wolf cry to the blue corn moon? Has he asked the grinning bobcat why he grins? - - - - - How high would Chuck's pine trees grow? He cut them down, so he'll never know!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

How do you say . . .

I'm going to ITALY in italian!!
My cousin Celeste and her husband Johnathon are currently stationed in Italy, near Venice. He is in Iraq right now and Celeste has graciously accepted to be my host for a few months (yes I said months!!:) starting in September. I am moving home at the end of this month so that I can save some money and I have to say I am very excited! I am getting a little nervous but I love to travel and am pretty good at taking care of myself so I think that things will go well:) There is so much to think about and plan so if anyone has any good suggestions about travel or things I must see - - - let me know:)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010