Friday, April 23, 2010

A little . . . Pomp and Circumstance

So . . . today was the day, Graduation. I have to say that it was exciting, exhilarating, funny, wonderful, sad, scary and more than anything, I realized, how cool and fun a little pomp and circumstance could be:) Walking into the auditorium, all I could think was I want to do this again! I need to do this again! I realized that all the hard work payed off in more ways than I could ever count. Here are some photos so you can follow my day . . .

The night before graduation my parent's took me out to Taggart's - it was fun

Here I am around 6:30am - tired but excited for the day ahead

Gabby and I, waiting to walk into the Dee Center - my friend Brianna insisted that we do a silly face - I think we both need work on that

Here are two dignified and sophisticated students of the College of Arts and Humanities - me and Brianna

Here I am with my friend Eden - we suffered through this last semester together:)

Looking surprised and angry before we walk in . . .

Look close and you can see Elder's Uchdorf and Eyring standing in front of President Monson - it was an amazing and inspiring address:)

Here is is after receiving his doctorate and addressing the graduates

The first one we saw after coming out was dad - how fitting, don't you think

Isn't the concrete a beautiful backdrop! It had to do because it rained most of the day

I think at the last minute Danielle shouted out, "Everyone act like your riding a surfboard - Hang loose!" sadly, we were so excited that we did it.

The parents and the happy grads!

The brunch was fun, although it was the first time I had pasta at 10 in the morning:) Danielle and Marcos slept through 3 alarms but due to my wake up call, they scrambled and made it in time to help us celebrate - thanks for coming guys:)

My friend Jessie and I - congrats Jessie!

Now . . . there was the first batch of photos. There is more fun to come, especially the bit about "Keep Wearing Purple" - for a hint, I give you . . .



marcos alvin said...

awesome post sister!

ooo but please... take down that photo of us at brunch, its a tad rough... haha

danielle said...

huzzah! hoorah! boomba! shishya!

what a great day and so many fun pictures! :) you forgot to include the pictures of the bombing and subsequent hunt for justice... good times.

and no! don't take it down. i don't care how bad it is, ugly pictures deserve their spotlight too! and marcos looks like kermit the frog and it makes me laugh... and i look like.... the creature from the black lagoon?

anyway, love the pictures.. especially the feather boa. very seductive. you can now use your degree and that accessory to work at a high-end "you-know-what" in vegas!

Michelle said...

I Love you!! and I love your pics!! You are SO cute, Congrats!! I am SO SO happy for you! That's so awesome and exicting!

abby's photo shoppe said...

All I can say is CONGRATS!

Remember that one time when you and I took NOrma's car to town to buy some funky nail polish and hang out on your birthday?
It's a vague, barely there memory... but it's there, Mia. It's all there.
Let us remenisce one of these days (I miss our old IM chats baaaaaaaad)

Miss ya

Ariel said...

Congrats!! Dave and I are really happy for you:) I can't believe you want to do it again though!