Saturday, August 28, 2010

They came, they saw, they conquered . . .

Mars and Wendy and little Ethan came to see us this month and it was so great to have them here:) Here are a few pics of all the fun . . .

Reading time with Lela! Ferdinand the Bull . . .

Ethan and Lela are so into the book:)

Swinging time - too fun

Mason is excited that they are here

So - we tried fondue and everyone went a little nuts! It's like we had never see chocolate before:)

oh, and, we couldn't figure out the pot thing so Gabby had to hold it for us

oh yeah!!!!

too cool for school . . .

we're comin for ya -

Someone needs to tell mom that is NOT a relaxing pose!

Lovin' this face!

Bird feeding with Lela is where it's at!


Recreating an old favorite - I need to find the original:)

So cute!

Our picture after our long night of crazy face drawing!

So many great pictures . . .

Mine are the best!

I love this cute spiderman and I gotta say, I'm rockin those glasses

Kind of an anxious spiderman

Pancake photo action - so artistic right?

Loved our time with the Harris family:)

I love this shot - I love that my brothers are such great dads:)

Ethan is such a cutie!

We love you guys and miss you and you need to come back to U - TAH!

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Wendy said...

I love the pictures! Mario just told me we have the pics from your camera, I totally would have posted some but I had no idea! I'm glad you put them up, they rock. We miss you too and Ethan drives his little motorcycle to Utah everyday. XOXO!