Tuesday, August 24, 2010

La familia Vargas . . .

It was a beautiful night in Salt Lake. I was with my parents and we had gone to see a family from my mission. One benefit to a stateside mission is the ability that I have to go back more often than my foreign counterparts and for people that I knew to make their way to Utah. Halfway through my mission I was transferred to an area of El Paso called Montana Vista. While there I met the most incredible member family that helped us more than anyone ever had or did. They understood what they had and helped us to share it with others. I was in that area 6 months with four different companions - the Vargas family were consistent and powerful and without them I would never have met Andy. He was their neighbor and friend and we taught every lesson in the Vargas home. I remember every moment distinctly and with fondness. Andy was doubtful and combative but also willing to be taught and with the help of the Vargas family and us he was able to come to know for himself that the gospel is true. He was baptized by Hermano Vargas a few months after we started teaching him.

Here we all are with Andy and a few of his friends at the baptism

And here is the Vargas family - - - - AMAZING!

I got to see Brother and Sister Vargas as well as their oldest daughter Dania. She is going to be attending BYU and they brought her up from El Paso. Tonight we were able to go eat, walk around SLC and get lost in Deseret Book. It was such a neat night and it was wonderful for my parents to meet some of the people that touched and changed my life as a missionary. Te queiro familia Vargas!

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Wendy said...

I'm so glad you got to see them! How fun!