Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cannot even form words . . .

ugghhh!  Yeah - that's about all I got for the likes of blogging.  I honestly feel zero desire to blog even though I could talk about Christmas, New Year's, my trip to El Paso, school, etc. . . .  Maybe later - until then . . .ugggghhhhhhhh!


Rosie said...

I am so with you ---about the uugh! I am hoping that February comes quickly-with it more light. Winter is the most difficult season with it being dark, wet, cold and LONG!

Hang in there!

By the way--I love the quote by Pres. Hinkley.
I am going to write it down and memorize it---I have to keep reminding myself of that, I like the easy way.

Wendy said...

Come on girl! We're on the edge of our seats, we're all waiting for Mia Victoria to share so many wonderful pearls of wisdom and fun with us! Do it for you long lost loved ones across the country, waiting to hear news from home.

Zar said...

dale mia contanos como te fue en el paso las cosas lindas que trajiste y como va el gimnasio que cuando me mude vamos juntas ademas que mas interesanta que la escuelas.. go mia go... samu ,mason marce.