Sunday, January 3, 2010

el año pasado y el año que viene . . .

It has been a great few weeks.  I went to Indiana to visit Mario and Wendy the first part of December.  I was able to stay two weeks and had the hardest time leaving them, especially little Ethan.  While we were there we went up to Chicago for two days and it was the greatest.  I am going to live there some day.  I loved it.

I love this shot.  It's at the top of the John Hancock building.I didn't even know Mario was taking a picture, it has a melancholy feeling but interesting at the same time.
View from the top - the John Hancock top.
Mario and I showing off our skating skills - I bet you all are so impressed:)

Me and the Bean
The famous Chicago sign and me:)

Ethan and I working on our gingerbread houses

Wendy and her hot blond hair working on the GBH

on the morning that Ethan opened the Christmas presents from Utah and me getting to read Thomas to this cute kid

This boy rocks!!  Here he is trying on new clothes from Chard's #2 but keeping on his trademark socks - he wears either green or orange but that day he wanted one of each - so cool!

E. and his trains!!!  He was obsessed with trains and Thomas - he knew all the character names and could play for hours.  I miss this little one!

My last Sunday there - our Christmas picture:)

E. playing in the snow! - they didn't have very much and his playing consisted of walking around but man he is cute
This shot is especially for Papa - he was coming home to Utah with me!
It was such a great trip and then I got to come home to a very relaxing Christmas and New Years.  Tomorrow the real world starts again - work, school, life.  I'm not sure I'm prepared for it but I guess it's time to move forward and see what this new year can bring.


Uno said...

Chicago looks amazing...Will you take us next time?

Much Love


Michelle said...

Your trip looks like it was way fun! Cute pictures! I think we need to plan a trip together and go somewhere warm :)