Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is it really that day AGAIN?

Every year I cannot wait until February to celebrate one of the greatest days ever . . . . . . PRESIDENT"S DAY!!  And you all thought I was going to say Valentine's Day - silly folks!  What can be greater than recognizing all the many president's that have made our country what it is - 
First . . . .

Old Kinderhook himself . . . . Martin Van Buren!  How can you not appreciate the man that gave us the saying - O.K.!!
Next, we have - Demacratic "doughface" - - -  Franklin Pierce!  I live on Pierce, what more needs to be said!

And last but definetly not least - - - - - -
Chester A. Arthur - the first President to have his citizenship challenged, the 'ol canadian!  He also didn't like pets - a man after my own heart!

Ahhh, President's Day.  How can you come so fast and not last longer!!!  

PS - - Samuel was my Valentine today!  There isn't a sweeter kid - when he left and was going out the door, already having said goodbye and given me a kiss, he called out, "See ya Valentine!!!"


Michelle said...

Yeah for President's Day!! And you are off at your parents enjoying a nice breakfast and I am at work haha :) I am glad you spent most of V-Day with me!! You are the BEST.. I am SO grateful for our friendship!

Ariel said...

1. You are silly. I like it. 2. Samuel is awesome.

It was so good to see you! Please keep me apprised of your plans! (That was a bigger word than I would normally use, but your an English major.)

Uno said...

Such lucid imagery....such passion...such love....Oh...How you love your presidents....

Carry On!

Te Amo...Your Historical Fiction Pal!