Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You really want to see this . . .

I have a confession to make: I LOVE music. But really, don't we all? There has never been a moment in my life that could not be solved or enhanced through just the right song. Fourth grade brought me Mr. Mecham and "Rocky Mountain High"; John Denver taught me the power of metaphor and my life has never been the same because I've seen it rainin' fire in the sky. Jon Secada taught me to relish life and take many, many "Mental Pictures".

When I became a freshman in high school I thought The Verve Pipe wrote their song about me and my angsty mellow dramatic ways, I can't tell you the tears that were shed in my darkened room of pain. Not to mention a life altering concert at Saltaire that found me sitting off in a dimly lit corridor just soaking in the music only to have EMT's bring a passed out girl over to me and set her head in my lap until they could go outside and get a stretcher - - -awkward.

There have been times when I have experience something and a song pops into my brain and I am immediately taking mental notes so that in heaven when I get to edit my life and put it to music, I use only the most correct song - I mean, how embarrassing would it be to have Air Supply playing when the reel of my mission is going and what really fits is Stop this Train by 'ol Johnny Mayer himself (I kid, I kid - loved my mish:)

So today, dear friends, I want to add to your repertoire's of heaven editing music with this great song by Sara Bareilles, Let the Rain. If you do not own this album stop whatever you are doing and get it! I mean it, get - - -it! Like . . . . . . . NOW. I have only survived the last five months because I had Sara and then yesterday I survived because I found this crazy but endearing music video by a bunch of kids . . .

Pay close attention to:

- the singer looking off camera to read the lyrics
- the intensity of the drummer - he has the same face the whole time
- the mad guitar skills that rival even mine
- and last but not least . . . . the clapping! So, the best part!

Love these kids, love Sara Bareilles, love music!!!!!!!!

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Becky Maughan said...

You are right, the clapping is the best part. And I love how it is the rock band set up. But hey these kids did pretty good especially with the paper rain drops falling down.