Thursday, October 6, 2011

The end of summer.

It snowed today. Love it.

Because of that . . . it might be best to show you the last of my great summer -

My brothers turned into carpenters - who knew:)

these boys did - i think they found heros.

I mean - seriously

It also included a lot of swinging -

and the best faces there could possibly be -

We had to get in a visit to the duck pond -

(the cool Californians - - -)

My mom loved it more than the boys -

It might be because she brought enough bread to feed thousands of ducks - it went on forever.

until she could take the teasing no longer - - - -

We also got the chance to see Kenny Loggins -


then it came time to say goodbye to Chard's#2 - - -seriously miss this boy, who wouldn't?!

Best moment of the night . . . when Super Lela came out to play - so great!


MC said...

This summer was nearly perfect. I hadn't seen so many of these pics! Great shot of Mom's tackle, especially.

Wendy said...

Oh Kenny (sigh). It was a great summer.

abby's photo shoppe said...

I will say it again... Wil you guys adopt me?

Word verification: tonore

And I pronounce it with GUSTO!

mia veronica said...

Abby - - - you are adopted! I see you are making your way closer to us and I can't wait to live next door to you:)