Monday, November 7, 2011

November 8th - Happy Birthday Pops!

Elden Grant Chard and Elden Douglas Chard -

Dad and his newest grandson Xander this august -

As I drove home tonight the sky was a brilliant red. In my mind I repeated, "Red sky at night, sailors delight; red sky at morn', sailors take warn." I say that to myself every time there is a red sky - a subconscious phrase that comes without a thought. You see, my dad was a sailor. He joined the Navy young and sailed around the world. I can remember being young and sitting with him on the porch and watching the brilliant red colors appear above us and him telling me what that would mean to me if I was a sailor. I remember being in awe of him as he talked of far away lands and adventures that I, as a child, could only imagine. He was the one that taught me a rhyme to remember the thirteen colonies as we laid in the hammock and watched the stars come out. He knew where the big dipper was and pointed out Orion's belt.
There are innumerable memories that I could share about his love and guidance to me as his daughter. His is funny and talented and has a desire for learning that guides me to never stop wondering about things. A month ago I came home to him sitting at the kitchen table reading a Calculus textbook . . . just because.
Because of him I have a testimony of the gospel. He was always honest with us as his children about his life, good or bad. He talked of the years he never went to church and then what brought him back. He testified that life is better with the gospel but also helped us to know that it is never to late to change. He is still the teacher that all would want to have, the one who shows through example.
Tomorrow is his birthday and in this month of Thanksgiving I can think of nothing better to be grateful for than having him as my father. I love you dad, have the best of days tomorrow!

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I love this post, your dad, you, your family! I miss you crazy woman!