Sunday, April 1, 2012


Tonight I saw a moment and didn't let it pass me by. I was in the process of cleaning up and getting ready for tomorrow. It had been a dreary and gray day, weather wise that is. I stepped out onto my porch and walked to throw away the trash, so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn't see the beautiful sunset that was stretching across the sky. Just as I was to re-enter my home I turned around and was stopped. It was that brilliant orange, red and pink that contrasted with the blue of the sky and the white of the clouds, the kind of moment when one knows this world was created by a loving God. I thought of how pretty it would be at the Capital, the light hitting the pathway lined with cherry blossoms. Could I make it? Usually I say No - not wanting to take the effort and believing that I wouldn't be able to make it in time. Tonight, however, I said Yes. I raced back inside, grabbed my keys and camera, and was out the door.
What was different about tonight? I believe it has to do with the last few weeks and various impressions I have received through experiences, good and bad alike. Our little town of Peterson said goodbye to a dear lady and friend, Sherrie Wright. There has been much said and many memories shared. I too have memories that I will cherish but more than that I realized I have lessons that I have learned through her example. One of those lessons is living in moments and not waiting for grand times to find joy. Each time that I spoke with Sherrie I could tell that she was invested in the moment that we were sharing - not looking for the next thing to say or wondering where else she could be. We have a similar sense of humor, she and I, so most of the moments we spent together were filled with laughter, looking for joy in even the most absurd or trying of experiences. For that, I will be forever grateful.
Another impression received came from the joy I felt as I spent time with people that I love and who always have the ability to make me want to be a little better. In spending time with them I came to the realization that it truly is the small but consistent practices that lead us to become our best selves. Goodness comes in holding on, moving forward and choosing to have a good attitude. Often I have found myself not trying something or stretching because the chance for perfection was passed. Sure, tonight the most brilliant moment of the sunset was passing as I stood on the porch but that didn't mean I couldn't partake in a perfectly wonderful, great or even good moment; and for me, living in tonight's moment was all three of those.

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