Sunday, February 1, 2009

A shout-out to Sample Pictures . . .

"Toco Toucon"

"El Capitan"

"Sunflower Wedding"

my personal favorite - "Annie in the Sink"

Wow. I happened to be messing around on my parents computer and came across these gems that the world must see! Sample Pictures - Who took these? What made windows think - Now these are the pictures we need as sample pictures? How much did the individual get paid for these? Last but not least - what in the world made Windows Vista think that we need sample pictures? Have we never seen pictures before? Would we be lost in the picture folder without the samples? So many unanswered questions. They will haunt me late into the night until I turn into an insomniac that wanders the halls of my house with fear and doubt about "Annie in the sink" - - - but hopefully not.


marcos alvin said...


please tell me you yourself made up those fabulous captions!

either way - since i'm an insomniac as well maybe we'll pass each other in the hallway.


Wendy said...

Our screen-saver is set to show us our pictures in random order, occasionally these very same, horrible strange and unique sample pictures mix in with cute pictures of Ethan in the bath or us swimming etc. I hate "Annie in the sink" especially, I get creeped out every time it comes up!

Jessie said...

Mia-I love this post! It is so true, why do we need sample pictures! I'm finding that I want answers to those questions as well! Let me know if you get any answers! :)

marcos alvin said...

i'm stunned and flabbergasted. "annie in the sink" is apparently one of the deformed incest cats that wonder around your house... its eyes are going in different directions.
why, oh why, microsoft?