Sunday, May 24, 2009

24 on the 24th!!!!!!!!!!!

     Once in a life time folks - once in a lifetime!  Mario turns 24 on the 24th!  How cool is that?!  The only time that happened for me I was 9 on the 9th and didn't get the bigness of it all but I hope that Mario does and I hope he has the greatest day!  I love you Mario!!!  Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!


Wendy said...

Tell me that's not the coolest picture ever!

M. Douglas said...

Ah, shucks! A quarter life crisis, I'd say! 25 big ones. Yessir. 1/4 a hundred year lifetime! That's right. Split 50 in two and that's what I am. 25. Twenty-five.


mia veronica said...

haha - you are pretty good when you are delusional:) - 24 means 24 and you better get used to that because you have a year to be 24!
much love