Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A New P-freakin-ost!

Hi y-freakin-'all!

Just thought I'd mention a little thought I've been having - - - - I've been hearing a lot of this around me - "That store is Ri-freakin-diculos!!" "That applesauce was De-freakin-licious"!! - Got to love it right!! I was thinking how fun it would be to talk just like that and only like that - -for example . . . when I answer the phone at work I can say, "He-freakin-llo St-freakin-ate Fa-freakin-rm In-freaking-surance this is M-freakin-ia, how can I he-freakin-lp you?!"

or . . .
just try to find the best words it would work with - - - -



Alama-freakin-gordo, Tehas

Now you try - -let's see what you g-freakin-ot!


Ariel said...

I had about an hour long dream about you this week and it was cra-freakin-zy. Hope that you're doing well:)

Wendy said...

Ho-freakin'-ly fre-freakin'-kin' cr-freakin'-ap that was fu-freakin'-unny.

I'm going to start saying fre-freakin'-kin all the time now.

Mom said...