Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to my favorite Veteran . . .

Dad - 

I love you.  I hope you had a wonderful birthday and wish you more than the best!  On the day that we honor those, like you, who have served our country I wanted you to know that I appreciate who you are.  You served our country and I am grateful but more than that, you have served our family.  For that fact, there is nothing I could do to ever repay you.  Here is a my first poem that I have written and it's dedicated to you - 

Once recalled

As darkness sets in
I often see
hard benches,
clasped hands with twirling thumbs.
I hook my arm in his
and it is dwarfed.
Remember, say the whispers,
where faith began for you.
The twirling thumbs
move forward then back,
forward then back,
forward then back;
with each twirl
a faith renewed.


Zar said...

mia is so sweet the you make a poem for yuor dad is really emocionante I hope one day my kids make one for me.marcela.

Uno said...

Stupendous....Mia it is really good...Well Done!


Dr. Cheney


mia veronica said...

Dr. Cheney!?!

I thought you said in class last week that you don't do the computer thing - - How did you ever find my blog?!?! I'm glad you love my poem!!

Love always - your most favorite student


Milky chawy said...

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