Tuesday, November 2, 2010

At some point I guess I must move on . . . .

Rome - Italy
(the webding font:) for Rome, Italy)

After an early start we wait for our flight with a Panini . . .

First shot of Rome - cool, no?

We got dropped off at the wrong bus stop and had to take a taxi - it was fun, my kind of way to travel:)

shots from the car - - - -

there it is! The Colosseum!

This was taken after a really hard afternoon with some not some good moments - can you tell:)

So beautiful - so unreal for us both!

That's right folks - Susy Chard in front of the Colosseum!


our very own Vanna White (haha or should I say, "our very own Susy Brown:)")

Colosseum moments . . .

a very surreal moment to be sitting amongst such incredible history

our 5 euro :( cokes and bruschetta - first food of the day, very delicious:)

tomorrow - - - - inside the Colosseum and some Stefan action . . .

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