Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I am "ful" of . . .

Thanksgiving is tomorrow - in case you were wondering. If ever a holiday has tradition, this is the one. One of those grand traditions is to make exclamations of gratitude. Just so you know, I will get to my exclamations - but I'm taking the long way around. Lately I have been full of it - full to the brim with it! What is "it" you ask? Nothing good.

I have been full of anger and frustrations, self doubt and annoyances. I think there was even a little of hypocrisy and self pity in there, just to top it off. I hate feeling those things but often times it is a daily or hourly battle. It is for all of us, though. Knowing that is often the key to emptying all of those awful things that I am full of and becoming full of something else. It really is all about the perspective. I think, if anything, seeing a different part of the world has given me a lesson on perspective - the world does not revolve around me, for what it's worth, it probably doesn't even know my name, but I'm okay with that. I can be okay, because there are those that DO know my name and love me in spite of it :) and One who knows it all and with that knowledge, I am never alone.

I have more blessings than there are minutes in the eternities to express and name them, and so today, on this eve of thanks, I leave not a list of what I have been given, but a promise to give more. A dedication connected to a hope to become full of love and charity, full of patience and understanding, to be brimming with tolerance and empathy and the ability to see what others need and not only what I lack . . . for therein lies happiness.

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