Saturday, March 19, 2011

19+11= 19+11= 19+11=



Thirty years is a long time to know someone. I heard one time that sibling relationships are the longest relationships that we have through our lives, I am grateful forever that Gabby is one of my three long standing connections. From childhood he was my best friend, the person with whom all my crazy adventures took place. Growing older and getting into high school for some siblings would be a time of separation, but not for us - Gabby made sure of that. He was cool, funny and popular; I was shy, awkward and at times a loner. My happy Sweet Valley High moments only happened because he included me and saw me as cool and made sure his friends knew it -- three of my best high school friends were his first.

I remember a particular lunch hour that meant the world to me. I was sitting in the entryway reading and observing all the varying groups that high school brings and suddenly, before me, was one of the most popular student body officers. When you are a freshman, any senior, especially the SBO's, are the tops! He asked me how I was and handed me an envelope, saying someone asked him to surprise me. Opening the envelope I found two tickets to Matchbox 20 (seriously cool for the late 90's - don;t judge! :) and a note, "It would be the greatest if you would come with me!" I was stunned and excited and asked who it was from, Gabriel came in from outside at that moment with his typical grin and asked me, "Well, you excited? Will you come with me?"

Gabby - you made me feel cool then and I still feel happy now when I think of all the great times had and the future to come! Thank you big brother and happy birthday! Maybe I can pay you back and send you to this concert -

Better yet . . . . watch this - - -



Uno said...

Can't wait to start my Country Music Dream....Drink a little lemonade and a little less beer!

Can't wait to spend forever with you and the ones that I call dear...

Thanks Mia!

Much Love


MC said...

Bravo! So many photos in Christmas pi-jamas...

Wendy said...

Ahhh...Gab, you look so cute in all those pictures. Mia, you picked some particularly flattering photos to put in there. My personal favorite being the squirrel like fetal position on the ground. Happy Birthday Gab!