Saturday, March 26, 2011

The trip that NEVER ends . . .

. . . or at least, the reporting of the trip that never ends. That's right, you thought this was over but Barcelona had barely begun! Looking back now it seems as if it never happened but oh, the fun that was had - - -
We both could never get enough of the beach - it was amazing!

Proof we were there:)

One of the most beautiful cities at night -
Can you see La Sagrada Familia?
Having our breakfast before we head out (we also were able to take a little for lunch, shhhh:)
Walking into Plaza Espana

Looking towards the Palace -

This one is for you Marcos - we found Honeynut!

I could totally live there - like right on those palace steps -

Riding the rails, the skyrails, on our way to Montjuic -

Nothing seems to interesting to me . . . yet

Castle entrance - starting to get interesting!

Taking a little lunch break and looking out on the view - breathtaking (my mother, not the water!)

Having some mate with our lunch - - -

until we could not take it any more and had to leave the view

- to become Julie Andrews. We lost it and began to see ourselves

needing to defend the castle! The enemy was on its way,

and we needed Stefan! He was our first line of defense from the many, crazy

arrows that were coming our way!

Now . . . stay tuned for tomorrow and some life changing videos - hint: Susy sings!

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MC said...

Thought that first shot was Mar del!

You locas.