Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lunch Hour.

Who buys hard boiled eggs from a gas station?

Me. That’s who! Living life on the edge is a scary place to be. My hand shook as I reached into that Chevron fridge and grabbed my egg from the broken container with the sharpie-d .25$ post-it attached to the carton – pushin’ boundaries always comes with a price, my friends, always with a price.

Little did I know the price would be fate (or Satan or maybe Satan acting as fate) making the checkout line weave through the Easter candy aisle. Now, those that know me know I am a sucker for anything NEW, especially of the candy variety. White Reese’s, peanut butter TWIX, heck – the Take 5 candy bar alone feed my gotta try this habit for a few weeks; stick NEW on anything and you better believe I am a purchasin’ it! For that reason alone I stay away from the Holiday aisle. But there I was, stuck in a line that opened my eyes to a whole new Easter world – coconut DOVE swirl! chocolate covered peeps! DARK mini Cadbury eggs! two flavors in one starburst jelly beans! Seriously?! Are you kidding me? I could have filled my basket to the rim, had I been carrying a basket, with all the craziness offered. It took everything I had to make it through with only one NEW item in hand . . . the 2 in 1 Starburst jellybean.

By the time I made it to the cashier I was a wreck, what with the adrenaline pulsing through my veins for the egg risk and then the will power mustered to not take every new item in the store, I could have passed for Nick Nolte’s mug shot! Nonetheless, I made it through, and couldn’t be happier— the 2 in 1 was the best choice! Get out there and buy yourself some NEW starburst – remember they are only sold . . . for a limited time . . . . . . .


Ariel said...

The egg purchase is seriously weird. Did you buy it to live on the edge? Or were you in the mood? Either way it's weird:) but I'm curious.

Also, I can't believe you chose the starburst jelly bean over the coconut dove swirl! I'm glad you liked it though. Didn't you tell me that Sister Percy was into "new" stuff? Is that where you got it from?

mia veronica said...

Ariel - - -
The egg purchase was real, my friend. I had bought a sald and the eggs were sitting next to it and I decided to try one . . . as for living on the edge - that was sarcasm:)
also - Hna Percy in NO way inspired my "new" purchase adiction, this has been going on since I was 5 or 6:) but hey, the coconut dove swirl is next on the list!

Wendy said...

Gross, grosser, and grossest. Egg's should never be purchased from anywhere unless it's a restaurant with more than 2 stars. Did that egg wreak havoc on your stomach because mine is turning just thinking about it. EW!
Yum - o on the "new" items. I will be hitting the Easter aisle Monday morning. For. Sure.