Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just doing what I'm asked . . .

Tagged by dear brother Marcos, hear goes . . .

High salary or job satisfaction?
 Salary, baby!!!!  It's all about the money in my book - have never had it and now I want it!!:)
Describe your self.  What do you think about yourself and do you think people perceive you in the same way?
I always hate these kind of questions.  I guess that I am a person that loves to have fun and laugh and that wants to see others happy.  I think that I am fun to be around(if after 30 mintues from when I woke up) and love to learn.  I think that others would agree with me, especially about the 30 minute grace period I need from when I wake up before other human beings can talk to me and expect me to be nice to them.
What is your most favorite book ever?
I also hate this question because I can't narrow that down.  I love to read and have many favorites - Harry Potter, To Kill a Mockingbird, the Kite Runner, The Boxcar Children . . .
Which is the one television character that you simply adore?
Steely Booth from Bones and Angel from Buffy (I know wendy will agree with me:)
What is your taste in music?
Everything from The Bee Gee's, Kenny Loggins, GLoria Estefan, Mana to The Rocket Summer, Cartel, Lionel Richie and everything in between.  Oh . . .and anything written by Billy Joel(musical genius as I call him)
Which is your favorite genre of movies?(Comedy, Romance, Suspense, Action, Horror)
Well, I am an odd duck in that I love the tragedy.  Anything that leaves you sobbing on your knees at the end and feeling as if you can't go in, is my kind of flick.  Now for me that could be Thirteen Going on 30 and Much Ado about nothing - -  - so really you find those kind in all genres.
What do you do when you are feeling sad or depressed?
Put on my favorite kind of movie(see above response:)
What makes you angry?  Do you get angry very soon?  What makes you over come that anger?
Interesting question . . . As my family would call me I am "the defender" - I hate injustice and will take the side and defend to the death anyone that I feel is being threatened.  I also get angry at things that I do at times.  I can be slow to anger but once I am watch out.  After that, though, I am quick to feel remorse.  That really is one part of me I wish to conqueror.
Which is the best vacation you have ever had in your life?
Argentina - hands down - no questions, the end.
If you could have a luncheon with any three people(real or ficticious/from any time period - dead or alive), which would you chose and why?
Well - Harry Potter for one . . . reason being - it's Harry freaking Potter - the second person would be Princess Anastasia because I would want to no if she was murdered with her family or if she survived and JM Barrie - his imagination would be something to hear about . . .

Which is your most treasured childhood memory?  How were you as a kid?
I'm not sure that I have one memory that I treasure above the rest but this one comes to mind as being a great one  - - It was my first day of kindergarden and I went on the bus that took us to school via the freeway.  It was a great day and all was well until the bus ride home when we didn't take the freeway but instead went the old Milton way, I was sure that I had gotten on the wrong bus and in pure Mia fashion new that I would never see my family again.  I can remember being scrunched down in my seat and crying all the way home until I saw in the distance Hinds and knew that maybe by some miracle I would make it home.  I remember the bus pulling up to my house and my dad standing at the door and feeling such a relief and love and a safety as I ran into his arms and burst into tears.  That feeling of childlike safety and innocence is one that I at times long for, but Dad is still my ever present hero:)
I was a self conscious kid at school but at home we were crazy and fun and as Gail always said - we never stopped running . . . 
If given a complete freedom to start afresh, which profession would you chose and why?
Well, it would have to be lion tamer - or professional horse looker after - I love those animals:)
What is your idea of fun?  If given a choice to skip work for the day, how would you spend the entire day?
My idea of fun is doing things that are fun.  So . . . an entire day off of work would begin with the typical sleep-in until my back hurts and makes me get up and then is filled with movies and TV shows like Buffy or Gilmore and a lot of nothing - I love relaxing days that are spent around the house.
Which is your favorite time of day?  Are you a morning person or a night person?
No question about it - night person.  I love sleeping away mornings and am not that happy when I wake up so your for sure want to see me at night . . .
What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Ate a habanero chile(hottest in the world) and almost died doing it . . .
Name one person that you love the most and one that you hate the most?
There isn't one person that I just love the most but there are three that come in at a great tie - Mason, Ethan and Samuel . . .
In case you and I were going out and had a fight how would you try to patch things up?
Ummmmm . . . 
Which is the most fun prank you played or had one played on you?
I am way to serious for pranks.
If given a choice which animal would you be and why?
I would never really want to be an animal - sorry folks.
Who was your first crush?  DId you ever tell him or her about your feelings?
  Umm . . . a boy named Bryce and sadly I never did -  - - -
Which is your most favorite place in this earth?
anywhere with friends or family that I love.
If you were stranded on a lonely beach, what are the five things that you would want to survive?
hacky sacks
a picture of Peter O'Toole
and silly putty.
The End .


Uno said...

A couple of questions:

#1: What does a horse looker's job description look like?...Does one have to be a horse looker to look at the description of the horse looker job description?

#2: You would have fun as opposed to not having fun, fun?

#3: Harry Potter? or the kid who plays Harry Potter?

#4: Lion Tamer? Mia, you have hated Lions from the day of your birth....Answer that question again!

The visual of you crying on the ride home from school was priceless....Where was I?

Love Much


Flor said...

Well Uno - - -
#1 - The horse looker's job is very detailed and sadly the details are only for the ones who could have one time or another desired to be such a looker and so I couldn't possibly give up the secrets of my kind - sorry . . .
#2 - you got it
#3 - Of course the REAL Harry Potter - Radcliffe is great and all but he can't show me his powers and wisk me off on his broom . . .
#4 - Glad to know that from the day of my birth out of my mother's womb the first thing that I Mia Norma Chard proclaimed was my hatred of lions . .

and as a final answer you weren't with me because dear brother you were in 1st grade and I was on the Kindergarden bus that let out early and left you working away
Much love

Wendy said...

Priceless banter for one thing...I definitely love the way Chard siblings can tease and totally have an edge while being completely loving. Amazing!
Amen, amen, many similarities - except I too am wondering what in the world a horse looker afterer does because it sounds like horse voyerism to me. But you live up to that dream girl! Lastly, what age would Harry Potter be at your luncheon? Because if he's going to sweep you away on a broom stick, Ginny will be pretty upset if with him when he gets home (depending on which age you choose of course).
And yes, such a cute story...
Love, Wendy

marcos alvin said...

alright, a few highlights and commentary from me:

"Oh . . .and anything written by Billy Joel (musical genius as I call him)"

i believe it was you who bought his greatest hits volume 3 and listened to "we didn't start the fire" on repeat for days.

while on our road trip to indiana i decided to give mr. billy joel a chance - ya know, see what all the supposed fuss was about. can i just say, he's nowhere near being a musical genius.

besides the fact that i've never heard you refer to billy joel as anything, let alone a musical genius, haha.

"the second person would be Princess Anastasia because I would want to no if she was murdered with her family or if she survived"

we're talking about the disney movie here right?

"Umm . . . a boy named Bryce and sadly I never did -  - - -"

to this day i can picture in my mind that photo you had of him in the high school parking lot hanging on your tackboard. i think its still hidden away in that little yellow safe that you locked up and hid away from mario and i.

all in all, i thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you more! oh and who in the world is peter o' toole?!