Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mission Reunions, Prophets and new determination . . .

(Me and 2 of my companions - Trisha and Alma)

     This past weekend was a great one.  My family has always geared up for a great time whenever it is conference season.  I remember my first conference on the mission and feeling such a sadness that I wouldn't be able to be with my family and partake of all the wonderful traditions that conference weekend brings.  I think, in fact, I missed them all more the 3 conferences that I spent away from them than the Christmas.  This past year has been a challenging one.  While I was on the mission I pictured the year after as a magical one that was free of problems and had me married within months with a million dollar job and a big house on the east bench of Salt Lake City( so . . I'm taking it a little far but you get the idea).  Well, that life didn't happen and real life came in and took it's place leaving me dazed and confused about who I am and where it is I am suppose to be going.  
    My mission president got home in July and so this was the first reunion for his missionaries and of course if had to be in the "Mecca" of Provo but I was very excited to see everyone.  It was an odd and interesting experience.  It was quite comical that no one really knew how to end a conversation so basically when you were done with the generic "what are you doing now?/How is school-work?what are you (oh wait you already asked that - darn)", the silence took over and one of you just walked away . . . there was no goodbye - just walking away.  A few time I tried to do the 'ol point across the room like you see someone else you know and head off hurrying in that direction - but then that got to be to much so I just walked away.  I had a really good time but it got me thinking about who I knew I was on the mission and how some of that person was gone now and how I want that spiritually strong me back.  That feeling was only intensified by conference and the counsel and direction from men that I truly know have been called of God.  That is where the determination comes in.  I know that I need to become a better person and a closer one to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The wonderful thing about the gospel and His Atonement is that it is possible through repentance and faith and work.  
  It was a great weekend and I'm glad that I was blessed to see so many dear friends.

                                              Us again:)

My friend Harrison - He is crazy:)


marcos alvin said...

i love those photos!

let harrison know he did a fantastic job!

marcos alvin said...

oh, and i admire the rededication :)

Michelle said...

Mia you look so pretty in your pictures! You really are an amazing person and I am not just saying that! I love being in RS with you. I love hearing your testimony, you are a great example to me!

Wendy said...

I'm glad you had such a lovely and fabulous time. It makes it a little easier that we weren't there! Please keep us updated on all your fun adventure weekends!