Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Madness . . .

We had the perfect fall day yesterday.  It was full of family, food, fun and pumpkin carving as well as singing and wrestling and so much more.  Gabby and Marcela and the kids came and we had what is probably the last barbeque of the season.  I also don't think that I have carved a pumpkin in maybe 10 years and I have to say it was well overdue and I might turn into a professional seeing as my scary faces are the hit of the Peterson town.  Rahndi was down and so she came over with Jamie's kids and they also partook of the pumpking madness. 

I love this shot of Samuel and Mason and the pure joy that balloons bring

getting into the Halloween spirit with orange eyeshadow:)

wow - there is nothing better for little boys than to be left to play in the dirt

the fierceness

a little retaliation.  you should have seen the other guy . . .

I'm right there with you - scariest halloween pumpkin ever, hand's down

Marcela rocks!


Wendy said...

How fun is that! You really should be a professional, I can't believe how great they turned out, they look wonderful!

abby's photo shoppe said...

I miss you guys!

:( Abba