Friday, December 12, 2008

Missionary Moment Friday . . .

Companion Spotlight:

              Name:  Judith Guynn(pronounced g-win)
     Hometown:  New Canaan, Connecticut
Current Town:  Provo, Utah attending the big BYU

Well, the above photo is not a mug shot as you might assume but just a photo to check the blackness of the hair color that I applied on a typical Guynn and Chard preparation.  Now she might kill me for some of these great photos but hey she was the one that sent me the disc with all of these so I figured she would approve.  There are so many things that I can tell you about this great person.  We were put together for her last transfer and my first in the dry land of Montana Vista, El Paso.  I have to say that I was in Tucson before I was transferred and did not want to leave and that made me very unhappy about going to Texas and I have to say that without Guynn I could not have survived.  Our days were spent tracting and knocking doors with many, many random first lessons and so many crazy moments.  It was hot and dusty and she was leaving and I still had 10 months and the jealousy of that fact at times was overwhelming (bad to say I know, but honest and true and all who have served missions will get the love/hate relationship:) but oh, the fun that we had.  She was an amazing teacher with a special ability of making a connection with anyone.  Her clever wit and funny randomness coincided just right with my own craziness as we talked in funny accents, composed classical music in the car and at times she was the only one that got and laughed at my "darkness" that came forth at times.  Anyway - she's great and all should know it.

The farthest point in our area was at the edge of the mission boundary and took 1 and 1/2 hours to get there - but the stark beauty of it all was worth it(we also taught some good lessons and that adds to the worth:)

Us on the sandy dunes of Montana Vista - we were always stopping to pose for pictures in the sand - it seems odd but trust me there was nothing and i mean nothing else out there:)

Ah, yes - the cowboy and the Indian.  This was something we cooked up for out last District Meeting and I have to say - you just had to be there

haha - again with the sand, and really I have no idea why we chose to lay down - haha, we had the craziest and most fun times - thanks for that, Guynn!  Pretty Sunsets, though, but the serious looks have to go . . .

Lessons with the District Leader and companion and I guess she was more excited than the rest of us:)

Last but not least - the typical missionary camera tricks:)  We were always the last district to get interviewed by the President and so we had boring moments with the only fun technology missionaries are allowed - cameras. 

There you have my first companion spotlight.  I have to say she is such a great person, artist and poet - - you rock, Guynn!!

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