Friday, December 5, 2008

i hate you all

no one put a mullet name?
some friends you are!!!!




emily said...

I've been meaning to stop by. don't lose faith on my Mia. Here are a few that i've been thinking about lately for perfect mullet names. YYYEEESSSS.......NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That's my all time fav, the next one....the number 7. Think about that one for a minute and get back to me. And next, achy braky big mistaky! How do you like me now mia? hmmmmmm

Flor said...

two thumbs up emily,
two thumbs up.

Uno said...

Business in the front....

Party in the Back!

So my mullet name is

said as if you were asking for the haircut....

I would like a, "Frank."

The End

Love You Darth Vader!


rachel harris said...

Here is a sign a salon put up in IF and I would drive by it as I would go to my softball games.

"Half off mullet cuts.....the long half"

Business in front party in back is another fave name but as em stated I do love the YYYYeeessss.....NOOOOOOOOOO.

By the way, one of my really good friends dated a guy with a mullet. This is when I lived with her. He used to keep a comb in the back of his pocket to comb it with. He also permed it once. Once I came home to her running her fingers through his hair. He finally cut it but at their wedding it was a mullet fest including his mom and best man. Sick I know. I really like guy and he does not have a mullet now thank the heavens.

abby's photo shoppe said...
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Wendy said...

"Frank", I like "Frank". Though, I totally Wikipedia'd some names for you. The original name was...
"The Ape Drape" about these names?
Hockey Hair, Forbidden Hair, Achy-Breaky Hair, Norco Neck Warmer, Shom and eventually Mullet.

Don't hate, just appreciate, finding mullet names is a scary job.

mia veronica said...

Emily, Gabby, Rachel and Wendy,

Love to you all!! I laughed and laughed - thanks dear friends. They are now all my favorites and I will love you forever and ever - - I swear.

danielle said...

i'm quite fond of the kentucky waterfall. hahaha.
oh, the joy mullet man brings my heart!