Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A 4th of July with NO firework pictures - seriously?

Yes, seriously. It was a random chain of events that led to a crazy fourth of July and us leaving the Morgan fireworks early because they decided to start them 30 minutes late! Anyway, the start of the day was great - mom, Mario, Ethan and I went to the parade - - -

Can you see the enthusiasm? I swear he was happy two moments earlier

see? kind of like that happy:)

the waiting for the parade to start took its tole however, Ethan preferred the fence by the train. See where that girl is? That is where he was at until she made her way up to him and he hightailed it as far away as he could - haha, stick to your guns Ethan, girls are trouble:)

then we told him it was about to start and nothing could contain his joy for candy and firetrucks -

Susy then began to use her magical powers to woo the candy our way!

but then . . . we realized we were at the end of the line and most of the candy had already been thrown out -

still waiting . . .

then, finally, someone we knew ("thank-you Bish-uup Wright!")
and we ended where it mattered - proud to be an American:)

Then it was time for fireworks, condensed version - Susy, Doug, Mario and me - we had fun though - - -

still has that Purdue pride!

me and pops -

dad was happier than this, I swear!

Thus ended the festivities for us - 30 minutes late meant tired adults who checked out too early! How was your 4th?


MC said...

I believe it was "Beeshup Wriiight."
Great post.

Uno said...

Beeshoup.....how r uuuuu

Much love