Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Job

I got a new job. I have worked there for the last two weeks and it has been an adventure for sure. I have felt for a while that I needed a change in my life and wanted to start by heading to Salt Lake. I have looked and applied with many different companies in the Salt Lake area but nothing was coming of it. I applied for a Human Resource job with the LDS church on a whim and was excited to get a call back for an interview. Now, over the last few months I have gotten my hopes up after interviews only to have them dashed when I didn't get the job, so I didn't want to get my hopes us this time. A week and a half after the interview I got a call and this time I got an offer. I know this is where I need to be right now. I am working with the Human Resource department and have been assigned to work with the Welfare program, mainly all of the over 50 D.I.'s. It has been great so far. It is definitely like any other job with the things you love and the things that can be a challenge but I am grateful for it all.

I thought I would bring you along one day and give you a tiny peak into where I go and what I do - - -

After my first week and the not so lovely gas bill I decided to ride the bus - love it - here I am waiting to merge onto the freeway.

Getting dropped off in the morning, they call the Church Office Building "the COB", kinda weird, right?

Here is my desk - - need to personalize it more:) I have two screens because the programs we use have us going back and forth between two of them often.

I love the view when I get to take a lunch break - I usually sit between the SLC Temple and -

the Church Office Building. The grounds are truly amazing!

Then it's time to ride the bus home and stand in line with people watching me and wondering who in the world takes pictures of themselves at the bus stop:)

Goodbye SLC, sooooo time to go home -

Thanks for coming along for a small part in a day at my new job - - -


Ariel said...

Congrats!! I personally loved working for the church, but I know every job is of course different-- I really hope you love yours:) How long is your bus ride? I loved the caption for the bus-stop photo:) Miss you!

Rob and Nat said...

So glad you are liking your new job and we got to catch a little glimpse of it. LOL Now you need to MOVE to Salt Lake!!!!!! We all need to get together again!!! Miss you

Cass said...

I worked at the COB for two years and for the Church for three. It was an awesome experience. I also know a lot of people in the HR department. If you work with Becky at all, say hello for me! I'm so glad you're working there, it is the best. Enjoy the grounds at lunch while you can...I miss it dearly...