Saturday, July 30, 2011

April in July - - - for you Ariel:)

So . . . I never really talked about out great trip to visit Mario and Wendy in Indiana. It was amazing! It feels like a lifetime ago, especially with them spending the summer here in Utah and all of us getting used to having them around. It will be awful to say goodbye when Sept rolls around.
One neat thing about that trip was that I was able to go back for the first time since 2003 to

Nauvoo!!! It was bittersweet and lots of fun but . . . first things first - - - -

We mainly went to see this amazing kid! I mean, really, who wouldn't?! But we also went because -

(above photo taken by Ethan himself - this kids got skills!)
his fabulous father was having a reading, the final reading of his Masters program! It was such a wonderful night for us to be there with him and share his many hours of work and dedication.

Here we have mom and all star Ethan at the reading - he was the hit of the night, decked out in jeans and rockin' a tie

and here - - is the only family picture that was taken that night (I think, no . . . I'm sure:) Mario, you are such an example to me and I am more than thrilled I got to share that night with you and Wendy . . . gorgeous as usual!

After that neat experience, we also go to share in the adventure of going to Nauvoo. No one else had been there and I have to say, even though it rained most of the time, it was an unbelievable experience. The spirit is strong and testifies of the lives lived there so many years ago and the sacrifices made for the good of many, including me.

Mario, Ethan and I took a little stroll one morning while we waited for everyone else.

Love this picture!

Ethan was having to much fun using my jacket as a cape to be bothered to take a picture - we did try, however :)

Mario in front of the statue of Joseph and Hyrum. I was there when they put that statue in, so cool to me to be a part of that experience.

We were also able to make it to Carthage. Amazing.

Here is the room where Joseph and company were staying when the mob came through and there is the window that Joseph fell out of.

Dad and Ethan

our model couple, Wendy and Mario, walking the Trail of Tears

on the banks of the beautiful Mississippi -

It was such a wonderful trip that I seem to have become a peg leg - standing in front of the Red Brick storehouse - what a great way to end our trip to Nauvoo!

We came back to Indiana and still had a few days left and were fortunate enough to see one of Ethan's favorite things - story time!

On out last day there Mario and Wendy took us to see Prophet's Rock! It was great to get that chance!

Mom and E!

and don't worry, I still have both of my eyes - yikes, what is with me and pictures?!

It was such a fun time and I am grateful that we got to share such wonderful experiences. I can't wait to come out to San Fran and experience that world with my favorite Chard #3's!

until next time!


Uno said...

Error....Dad had previously been to Joseph's City...

Thanks for the post

Beautiful as ever!


Ariel said...

I feel so honored! Thanks for the post:) Love the peg leg comment:)