Monday, August 8, 2011

I get to make a wish!

Tomorrow is my birthday.

I get to make a wish.

I wish I could tell this girl to hold on. Things will get a little rocky before they get good. I would tell her to hold on to those that love her and not let go, life has much to offer and happiness is around every corner - - just look harder for it:)

. . . . one day . . . she will know . . .

. . . that life is good, even when its not perfect - - - I wish for a good sixty years to try and figure some more of it out!


Ariel said...

Happy birthday, Pretty Lady! I hope it's a good one. P.S. I think maybe you should go to Poet School too (that's what they call it, right;)!

Rosie said...

Happy happy Birthday!

Talecia said...

Your so cute Mia! Hope you had a good birthday. Love ya!