Sunday, August 24, 2008

"Where you be?!" . . .

 So . . . . my first time in the South was an experience that began on a Greyhound and I have to say it's the last time I will ride a Greyhound:) - Now, first off - the week before I left Greyhound Canada had a gruesome misfortunate murder that took place and frankly left me wondering if I would make it to Tennessee alive:).  One of my companions on the 14 hour trek (that could have been made in 6) happened to be very chatty informing me about how beer and weed are just "for fun" and recreational and gave me a step by step do's and don't list on crack cocaine and being a bootlegger and getting $100 for just a beer from friends on a weekend.  It certainly was a educational eye-opening trek:).  I have to say though, that it was wonderful to see some really beautiful country  - Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee were chalk full of trees that seemed to encompass everything but the strip of road we were driving on.  The big cities like Louisville, Nashville and Knoxville seemed to pop out of the trees just as you were upon them and not seconds before - it was really beautiful.  I was also able to stop in Elizabethtown and took a few pics from Mario and Wendy.  I had a great time with my mission companion Alma and learned how to speak southern from her friends as I overheard things like "Where you be?" to ask someone where they were.  It was great and at the end of the week I was talkin' southern.  We also got to go to Opryland and the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville as well as BB King's Blues Club. 

Mario and I before I experienced the great Greyhound tour.

           Yeah!!  Elizabethtown - Orlando and Kirsten were just of to the side - you can faintly see them:)

Alma and I on our way to Institute . . . 
You got that right - the Grand ole Opry!
Ummmmm - -I think the pic is enough said:)

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Wendy said...

Yeah! How fun are these pictures!?!?! I love them and I'm glad you didn't get murdered and that you got to see Elizabeth Town (if even from afar)! I'm so glad you put some pics up, please tell more, I'm dying for more stories.