Sunday, October 24, 2010

By now I hope you see . . . .

. . . what we have come to love about this city!

um, yeah - that was some awesome cake - the one on the right - - - named after the composer himself, Mozart cake (probably named something a little more catchy but hey - I don't know German:)

This shot was for you pops - - - - can you tell why?

cool, right? Built right into the mountain - - -

Those black cables are ALL over the city - the buses that are on the road are actually connected to these cables. I can't figure out why because it's not as if it's a track system - they were constantly trying to ruin my pics . . .

Now here is where it gets intense - - - what kind of city has a plaza with murals dedicated solely to horses? You got that right - an AMAZING city! Danielle - I tried to scratch a horn onto one of the horses to make one a unicorn and was almost arrested - better luck next time, I guess!
oops - uploaded the same pic - I guess I thought it was important:)

I don't even like horses (they scare the hades out of me - all tall and creepy and I think at any moment they are gonna knock me in the head with one of their hooves (say it like wufs:) and even I think this is cool . . .

Here we are making our way towards the center of the old town - - - and when I say old, I mean it - there was a restaurant that was opened in 880AD that is still in business (lets hope the food isn't that old, yikes)

The inside of a stunning church, stunning but VERY cold - turn on the heat, folks:)

They could even play chess if they wanted . . .

There is that grand old flag - whenever I see it, I think of the Sound of Music and the scene in which the handsome Christopher Plummer defends his hanging of the flag in his home to that Nazi loving guy who claims that change was a comin' - as Tyra would say, such fierceness in those awesome baby blue eyes of his! (that's right folks - I just added a Top Model reference to my Salzburg Austria post - eat that Kate Blanchant! (did I get that right Mars?)

Now, since you brought up Sound of Music . . . . I guess this is a good time to tell you that this is the square featured in the movie as Maria gets on a bus and is off to the Van Trap house and has confidence in me!

Notice the top of the lefthand building - - - 1362 - yup, that is when it was built! Mozart looked at that building, as did hundreds of other already dead people who lived long ago . . .
It was such a beautiful day and the fountain was sooooo cool, that you will now see some of my various shots - - -

Sweet, right?!

Check out that water - - - so cool!

Again - so cool!

Here we are admiring my pictures that were so cool that they stole my camera out of my hands and blew up the photos for all to see on the side of a really old building - jk - Celeste took this candid shot as we were listening to out carriage driver - haha, we really listen intently and with big smiles, I wonder if she was creeped out or not . . .

There she is - - - - she was so great that for part of the ride she let Cristina ride with her and let her hold one of those steer-y things (again, I know nothing of horses) for the horses!

We will soon make it up to that building - an old castle, turned monastery that die hard fans of TSOM will recognize

Some shots from the carriage ride . . .

That sun was everywhere! Made for some good picture taking:)

So chic, so stylish, she made the scarf a must have - - - who is she? SUSANA CHARD!
Now this was fun - for 4 euros this joker said he could do my profile - yeah, not so much. I think he just moved around so much while cutting that he distracted you from the fact that all his profiles were the same . . .

but we had to waste 4 more euros to see if he could capture the essence of Susy - he didn't.

Now here is a great shot:) For those of you that know me, you know that I don't do sunglasses. I can't stand not knowing what the real world looks like and I keep moving my shades to check and so they end up giving me a headache - anyway, these looked so cool I thought I would give it a go - - -

What do you think? I have to say, I'm liking them:)

Still to come - - - Stefan and more Salzburg, does it get any better:)


danielle said...

1. the cathedral built right into the mountain is amazing! what a great shot. :)
2. THE PLAZA IS AMAZING! i am so glad you were willing to risk being kicked out of your favorite city to create a beautiful mural of unicorns just for me!
3. i can't even imagine... a restaurant that's been open since 880AD?? i wonder what gordon ramsay would say!
4. those fountain shots are amazing! watch out gabby and marce... looks like the family has a new photographer! :)
5. hahahahahahahahaha ok me and marcos are still laughing 10 minutes after looking at that picture of you and susy. so in tune! so joyous! so overwhelmingly attentive! a+ chards! a+.
7. we want to see the profiles! marcos and i had ours done in disneyland too. we'll have to put up pictures and compare!
8. LOVE the sunglasses. very chic!

Zar said...

hay mia que lindo y rico la tortas no palabras mejor que me traigas una o las ecetas de una buena tortas italiana... el lugar bellisimo!!! lo de la foto es por douglas o por la bandera de los estados unidos colgada atras en suiza los tratan bien ...escuche que la gente en francia y italia no son muy amables.. danielle no problema recibimos nuevos fotografos... y los anteojos great look very fashion good eleccion. enjoy mia y que lindo que celeste pueda darles estas experiences a las nenas.. hermoso