Friday, October 15, 2010

A post with no pictures . . .

Sorry pals - I´m on the road again and so I have no way to post the incredible shots that we took in Austria or Rome but come next week I´m gonna go picture crazy! For now, I hope you can just enjoy this little letter that I wrote to Rome . . .

Dear Rome,

From the moment we met, things have gone badly. Why oh why did I not know about the humidity in October? I was a drowning wet rat and all you seemed to be able to do was kick me down farther:( I am so sad for I had the highest hopes for our long and deep friendship. I have to say, I think I almost got ran over by buses, trains, taxis, motorcycles and for heaven´s sakes - even the people, almost 9 million times (and even for an exagerator - that´s a lot!).
Your hostels like to tell lies that they live on the first floor when in reality they are on the sixth with no working elevator and didn´t I tell you - - - I was bringing luggage! Now, I could say a lot of things about that said Hostel but I won´t - children might read this letter some day.
There were some good things about your city, incredibly good things but how in the world can you justify charging an arm and a leg and then the other arm and leg and heck, just throw in the whole body - to get into those incrdibly good things?! Also - seriously? A coke just doesn´t cost 5 euros - that´s just plain wrong!
I know you are old and actually, that´s the best part of you, so thank you for that! However my heart is saddened when I found out that you robbed from your old city to make the new:(
I will say this however - you sure know how to paint (the Sistine Chapel blew my mind but was painted by a foreigner to your city) and you sure know how to make pasta! After a day of walking your cobblestone and rocky streets, there was nothing better than sitting at your sidewalk cafe and having some ravioli´s! Oh and, before I forget - you take the BEST pictures, you have so much beauty!!
I´m sorry for the harshness but I love you so I have to tell you the truth . . .

a friend who had high hopes,


P.S. I am sorry that I neglected to mention that I didn´t throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain because I do not wish to come back no matter how beautiful it was at night . . . Arevederci Roma!

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