Friday, October 22, 2010

Salzburg, Austria - the home of The Sound of Music, part 1

We left Bern, Switzerland for Austria sometime in the afternoon. It was 6 hours away and we needed to get there for the Mozart concert that night in Mirabell Palace. The Mirabell Palace and Gardens are a famous landmark for Salzburg and not just because of the Sound of Music. It was a beautiful drive and oh so fun - - -

Somewhere in the middle of the Alps - the sun came out for just a little while

We were getting close - 1/2 hour outside of Salzburg

Part of our hotel room - they made up the pillows so cute:)

A star in mommy's glasses:)

The outside of one of the villas connected to our hotel - it was awesome!

Part of Marble Hall in the Palace - the palace was started in 1606 and was finished sometime between 1721 - 1727 - in 1818 a huge fire destroyed most of it except the Marble Hall and the grand staircase.
We were front row joes!!! It was amazing! Lisa and Cristina were very good and were the hit of the night after the audience saw how well they performed - people took pictures of them, bought them chocolate and they even got to go backstage after and meet the violinist:)
Sharing a ginger-ale during intermission!

It was such a fantastic night, Mozart music in a room that Mozart himself had played in! Also, Dad - - - take a look at that rug, it looks familiar doesn't it?

Part of the staircase that survived the fire

Beautiful! All marble and breathtaking!

an exit into the streets of Salzburg - - - wonderful!

We had a late dinner with the girls and had some great food - traditional Austrian meals for us:)

Me and mom

My pumpkin soup - can you believe the presentation? It was delicious as well - - -

The next morning before we headed out on our adventure - just the friendly neighborhood polar bear!

A view of the river - - -

eating lunch at the Mozart cafe - mom had Wienerschnitzel and I had sausage and bratwurst

This was only part one - - - there is so much more to come but oh, how we loved Salzburg!

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marcos alvin said...

what a beautiful place. i think it's crazy how old it is... 1600s? really? i'm keeping my eyes open for sneaky stefan...