Thursday, September 9, 2010

Come along with me . . .

I feel as if I have already experienced so much and it's only been a few days. I want to capture everything but I know that pictures don't do the real thing justice. Life is so wrapped up in sounds, smells, feelings and everything else that without those things sometimes pictures don't tell the whole story. For now, however, I have to be content in you seeing only part of the story, part of the adventure . . .

I had Cristina turn around and let me take a picture of her shirt so that you would all know just where I am - Vicenza, Italy.
This is me, FINALLY on the plane in SLC - I went to the airport waaaayyyy early so I was excited to finally be on my way.
And that is my "finally face".
Wow - my hair and face looked good in those first two pictures, what could have happened? Oh yeah, I know - 8 hours with a screaming baby and a chatty Kathy next to me who wouldn't let me sleep on the OVERNIGHT flight - it was alright however because foreign airlines ROCK! I have to say that a little of my patriotism went out the window when fresh hot towels, nice flight attendants and Toblerone's (best chocolate in the world for those who don't know) became routine - gotta love Lufthansa air! This is Frankfurt, Germany, by the way!
Nice shot, right? The lady next to me was a little interested as I stretched my arm over her for this little bit of self photography - I will sacrifice anything for my art, even a little self respect:)
Somewhere over Germany.
Now what you can see above is the beginnings of Venice - so cool!
Here is a better shot of the city as we flew over to land at the airport.
Love the water and the greeness of it all!
That's my "finally here" face as I am in the car with Celeste and the girls on our way home:)
Yup - that's Italy. Beautiful.
Now would I really be visiting Italy if I didn't make an apperance at a pizza joint my first night? I think not, so this is where Der Platz comes in - such an awesome place, unfortuantly they don't really all walk around playing accordians and singing:)
Such. Good. Pizza. I may never come home:) JK, but it really is that good - oh yeah, and each pizza is meant for just one person - crazy! We did share however, there was a mushroom with artichoke and prosutto, another with french fries and sausage (very good by the way) and the last had spinach and ricotta cheese:)
This is the street that I can call home for the next few months - Via Uvo Foscolo
This is Lisa - Celeste and Johnathon's youngest and such a doll - notice the cute headband made my Wendy! They loved them!
Cele, also clad in a stylish headband as we wait for Cristina to come back from school.
Just four good lookin gals off for an Italian adventure . . . we were going to walk around their town - San Pietro In Gu!
Cele's street
Road leading into the center of town - - -
There is ptetty much the center - the church, a small store and not pictured but across the street - the municipal building.
Cool chrurch, right? "Domvs Dei" acorrding to google means, "God's Lord"
The entrance to the cemetary.
Beautiful headstones with photos on almost every one.
The walls are lined with vaults that are wonderfully kept up.
This is Cele's house, and Cele's van, I love that it's pink - most of the homes are cool different colors - reds, yellows, oranges, pinks, etc.

Again, you will see a lot of these faces because they are just way too cute - Cristina in red and little Lisa:)
Yeah - those are lucious cakes that are at the ice cream shop - before I leave I have to try one!

Me and my cone - sooooooo good! It was like a vanilla flavor that had chocolate covered pistachios in it, seriously!

The shop and us enjoying a little slice of Italian heaven!

Here is the biggest church in Vecenia - it's at the top of a large hill that overlooks that town that is located about 10 minutes from Cele's house.
The view from the top- - - - -
I was going for an artistic interpretation of the view from the top, did it work?
Me in front of the map of the city.
Cool carving that was on the church - - - -
That whole passageway belongs to the church and there are doors that lead into other buildings or beautiful courtyards.
The passageway
Just a little thirsty . . .
Another view -check out those clouds.
Ending with the best - so beautiful. It had been so great and I can't wait for more but right now it's 12:30 in the morning and I need some rest so . . . . . . arrivederci!


Zar said...

hay que divino que lindas las gordis y les gustaron las munecas? que hermosso lugares para sacar fotos con mi locura de sacar cele te tenngo que sacar la foto familiar ahi. hermosos lugar mas mas..

Wendy said...

Amazing! I am so jealous and I can't wait to see more! Holy cow, way too much fun. The girls are beautiful and Italy is beautiful and everything is beautiful, BEAUTIFUL OVERLOAD!

btw...verification was menspa, so Italian, no?

Jessie said...

Those pictures are awesome Mia! I'm excited to stay up to date with you via blog! Have tons of fun and I can't wait to hear more when you get back!

Celia said...

Re lindo todo. No queria que se teminaran las fotos porque estaba re entretenida. Pone muchas mas y disfrutalo mucho. You are a very lucky girl!

marcos alvin said...

wooooo hoooooooooo! you're there! you are really THERE! i'm so excited for you mia... so so so excited!
i loved the photos, they were beautiful. cele and the girls look great and it looks like you'll be well taken care of for these upcoming months :) all of the pictures were great but i do have to say the "artistic interpretation" was my favorite. and can i just tell you you're photography skills are fabuloso! please keep tons and tons of photos and stories coming! word verif: captili
it means "gary busey" in italian!

Jonathan said...

Amazing pictures Mia. I admit they make me homesick. Did Cele tell you she's been doing photography this year? She just got her camera back from getting fixed so you guys should take lots of pictures. Have fun and enjoy all Europe has to offer. I hope you enjoy Marostica tonight.

Leslie said...

Wow! What am amazing adventure you've started! Thanks for letting us come along, through the lens! LOVE IT! Aren't clouds just awesome?! And Italain clouds to boot!