Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The old art . . .

. . . of Postcard writing. I think the last time I heard from someone by that form of communication, he was a sailor in the Navy and I was like 10. I think it is such a wonderful way to keep in touch with people and so I am planning on doing a lot of PCW (us writers in the know call it that:) while I am in Europe. I'd love to write to YOU! Leave me your address in the comments or send me an email - - and you'll be a hearin' from me:)


Rosie said...

I am so with you--letter writing in general is becoming such a lost art. The advent of texting has ruined it!

I would love a note from one of my favorite people! Put me on your list!!!

Wendy said...

I'm expecting some fabulous post cards! One everyday actually, Ethan will be thrilled.
Ok, one every so often would do, I guess.
I'm getting excited for you!