Friday, September 17, 2010

Made in Italy . . .

So . . . you know the times when you go to the store to buy a really fancy dish and pay an arm and a leg and then you look under and realize that it was "made in china" and that the real ceramic porcelain is WAY above your budget and is "made in Italy", yeah well, those times stink. Today I went to where "made in Italy" actually comes from. Fifteen minutes away in Nove, Italy is the place in which the ceramics from various famous stores are made - tiffany & co, Lenox, Ralph Lauren. We were able to see how things were made and then tour the store that would make my dad a very poor man (my mom would go crazy!) It was beautiful!!!

Leading up to the store - ceramic tiles
So many different and beautiful varieties!

There were shelves and shelves with some of the most beautiful dishes I have seen.

They have a wall that shows all the articles that have been written about them
One of the huge ovens that bake the ceramics

Her job is to clean off all the dust from the drying time before they get baked.
Lisa, Christina and I:)

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Doug said...

The pictures are beautiful!!!!!!! Enjoy every second so in the grey days of winter we can sit around the fire at home and re-live them with you. I love you Sis!!! We are all fine here but there is a absense here that can't be filled by anyone but you.