Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You know what I love?

. . . saying buongiorno. I feel very Italian and it makes me smile every time. Before when I said the word it was always as a joke to try and make me or others think I knew Italian. It's as if I can't believe that is the right word when saying hello - it is such a fun word to say and I think I will say it forever, even when I come home:)
I also love going for walks here. This morning, Celeste is off doing a good deed for someone and left me alone. I had the most relaxing morning, it was fun doing whatever I wanted and not have to worry about getting somewhere or what someone would think if they knew my perfect morning consisted of a bagel, mat├ęs, and switching between Oprah and MTV videos (the video winners, I'll have you know). After that slow start I decided to get out and explore the town on my own. I took a few pictures, of course, and have some few awkward moments to share -

Here is the only shot of me to prove I was actually here and not really hold up in some cave in Minnesota and copying pics of the Internet to say I was in Italy
The view with the above shot - so great! You can see the church from everywhere that you go - - - kind of like Big brother is watching, don't you think?
A nice little canal along the way - there are so many little canals that they use for irrigation - man, even their ditch water is pretty
I saw this tree off in the distance and knew that it had to be mine. It's perfect and great to just sit under and be in awe of where I really am - ITALY, for heaven's sakes - never in my wildest dreams . . .
A close up of said tree which was oozing sap - leaning up against it made a sticky mess but anything for my tree
Here is where an awkward story comes in - The sign says that Van Gogh tutors art and so I thought it would be the real Van Gogh (he can come back from the dead, this is Italy) and so my conversation in broken Italian was interesting when I went in inquiring for the REAL Van Gogh and got blank stares and probably a couple of "crazy American!"
Here is the street where just moments before I had my second awkward moment - looks fake doesn't it? Just like commerical street in Morgan when they tried to make it look like the real 'ol West but I swear folks, it really is that old.
Anyway - so I wish I had a picture of the bakery in which I had my lovely encounter but after the awkwardness I couldn't wait around and take a shot for the history books, now could I?! I went in to just look and see what a real Italian bakery looked like and, without money, I thought I would be safe because the lady behind the counter was helping someone and I was just going to jump in and out - - - - yikes, the man finished sooner than I expected so there she was staring at me and asking, "Prego" (meaning Yes) and all of a sudden my mind went blank and I froze and all I could think about was crazy words in other languages so out they came - I counted to three in French then said "do svidanyia" (russian for goodbye) then mumbled a quiet "lo siento" and escaped into the waiting sun - note to self: next time bring money and an Italian dictionary:)
Now here is where things get really crazy - I want one of those. Yes, the bikes. Everyone has them and they are old fashion and cool and so much better than walking - as I was trying to get a good bike picture I thought I would make my walk a little more interesting, more fun - I decided to see how many pictures of people on bikes I could get as I walked home. Sounds crazy but oh so fun! As is always the case, Murphy's law or irony or something, just when I decided that everyone that was riding a bike in my vicinity disappeared! All of a sudden, no one was passing me when before I had seen enough riders to enter them all into the Tour de France. I did happen to catch a few and you should see some of their reactions - priceless
First shot: score! Bike and wheelchair
Second one - notice I was trying to act as if I was taking a picture of the building but the old man wasn't buying it - he put up his hand to guard the sun to see if I really was trying to take a picture of him - - "buongiorno!" I said - nothing was his reply.
A good from behind shot - I took this early in the game, then, because I made this game up I also made up the rules, and decided that behind shots were cheating . . .
"Lovely day isn't it," I said to myself and tried to act as if I was noticing the bush then out of nowhere - "Gotcha!" took the pic . . .
The best and most classic - the biker before him stopped to let me take a picture (grrrr - I was waiting for him) but this man paid me no attention, gave me no heed!
Last but not least - - - - I call this, " Lady on bike going to work with a plastic bag" (working title, people, working title)

And just for fun - - - - - - - here is what greets my lovely face when I turn on my computer - Love and miss you boys!!!


Rosie said...

Mia-this adventure of your is so fun-for me!!! I am so enjoying all your beautiful pictures and your silly comments. I am so thrilled that you get to have this life experience. It is something that you will treasure forever.

Love you!!! Keep writing-I am reading!!!

Michelle said...

I love it! You are so funny! Love the bike pics :) I am laughing out loud, by my self in the basement. I love you! Keep posting! :)

M. Douglas said...

You should not be left alone in Italy with a camera. Trouble. I can totally see you mumble a "lo siento" cause that's what we cheap bilingual people do: we think our knowledge of at least one other language should cover us no matter where we are. I remember saying cheap little "perdon" and "lo sientos" to some Indian students on campus. It doesn't work. Anyway, don't get mugged cause you were takin covert/not covert pictures of natives. Love, Mario

emily said...

mia, You are HILARIOUS!! I love how you make up the rules to your own game! Too funny! Thanks for all the awkward moments! You know i love them!!

danielle said...

first: "anything for my tree"-- CREEPY!
second: mumbling lo siento... haha so priceless! i am still laughing abut that one and i just can't stop!
so funny mia. i'm loving all these posts and i hope you are having the time of your life!